Not sure what type of service your vehicle needs as the miles add up? Don’t worry, you don’t have to guess. 30/60/90K Maintenance Service is here for all Seattle city drivers who are looking for a trusted and reliable source when it comes time to get their car serviced! Your owner’s manual provides calculated estimates about when servicing should occur but we know that Pacific Northwest urban driving can be tough on cars so make sure yours gets checked out regularly. Let us help keep those wheels turning around town with peace-of-mind service from our specialists today!

At Major Mileage Service, your vehicle is our top priority! Think of it like an annual checkup for your car – just as you’d have one with a professional physician. Our team takes the time to inspect and service or repair what’s necessary so that you get the best out of every mile. At 34th Street Garage Auto Repair, we provide customized care based on what’s going on under the hood rather than offering menu pricing – because each car deserves special attention and TLC!

Don’t let your car’s age be a mystery! A preventive inspection of what it needs to keep going reliably is an important part of making sure you don’t end up double-paying for maintenance. We know how precious time and money are, so we make sure that every vehicle gets the personal attention they need – not just a “general” checkup. Get your car ready now; happy (and safe) driving awaits!

Don’t get sucked into an impersonal menu-style service when you need your car serviced! Our team tailors their 30/60/90K inspections to fit each unique vehicle and driving habit. We’ll make sure everything is taken care of – no generic, one-size fits all nonsense here!

Welcome to 34th Street Garage Auto and Truck Repair! We’re honored to have the trust of our loyal customers kept alive over several generations, and humbly thankful for our great customers. When it comes time for your vehicle maintenance schedule 30/60/90K, don’t hesitate before calling us if you experience any out-of-the-norm anomalies such as strange sounds or smells—it can help save you some coin down the line! Rest assured knowing that here at 34th Street Garage in Seattle, we are only focused on keeping your car running safely & smoothly; no hidden charges are in sight as we email or text you our Estimates for approval.

Have you ever been worried about your vehicle’s maintenance? With 34th Street Garage, there’s no need to fret! Our AAA-approved and ASE-certified master mechanics have the skills that come with rigorous education, training, and hands-on experience. We guarantee expert care for when you hit those big milestones like 30/60/90K service miles. Just give us a call and we’ll take fantastic care of you from start to finish.