Do you want to be sure your car is good to go?

Don’t let your vehicle’s tune up get put on the back burner – it can have serious consequences. Keep your car running smoothly and stay safe while out on the roads in Seattle with 34th Street Garage Tune Up Service and Repair! Our preventive maintenance will make sure any issues you may have are taken care of, as well as all needed adjustments. Plus we’ll check everything from spark plugs to fuel filters, safety items like lights and wipers, tires & tire pressure etc., exhaust systems for leaks or broken parts, and more!

Get ready to hit the road in style with our modern day tune up! We guarantee that when you come see us at 34th Street Garage Auto Repair in Seattle for a tuneup inspection that any oddities going on such as starting problems or higher gas consumption will be seen to quickly and efficiently so you don’t have wait around for AAA roadside assistance.

Put an end an end erratic performance and mysterious check engine lights forever– trust us at 34th Street Garage Auto Repair today!

Schedule regular maintenance services Monday – Friday 8am-5pm at 34th Street Garage Auto Repair now for peace of mind whenever you drive away.