Are you driving around in a car or truck that isn’t running as smoothly as it should?

Wheel bearings are an important, yet often overlooked part of your vehicle. Without them, your wheels would never be able to turn with the same smoothness and efficiency. And while they do their job reliably over time, sometimes they can wear down and need replacing or servicing to help keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly for longer.

Let 34th Street Garage bring life back into your ride by taking advantage of our wheel bearing service! Our experienced mechanics can quickly diagnose any issues with your wheel bearings so you don’t have to worry about loose handling, excessive road noise, or premature wear on other parts of the car due to faulty wheel bearings. Plus we offer competitive pricing on all services too!

Book an appointment today at 34th Street Garage Wheel Bearing Service & Repair Seattle – just give us a call at 206-283-3448 to get started now!